Privacy and Cookies Policy

This privacy and cookies policy are regulations meant to manage the behavior of a client as well as an organization in terms of website and the services it renders. This privacy and cookies policy could be a lawfully effective document.

Please, browse through this Privacy and Cookies Policy with caution before continuing. For a better understanding, www. will be referred to as website while those that check the content of our website within the browser or via an application is referred to as you.

Applicability and Consent

Except we receive a consent from you to enter into an agreement on this policy, your use of the website shall be barred as unauthorized. We ask you to log out of our website immediately and not to place any orders if you disagree to this Privacy and Cookies Policy. The policy is applicable to you all the way once you begin to use this website.

General Provisions

Following your agreement of this policy, it means you have given a clear permission that the main point of gathering data about your visit to our site is legit.The acquired data will be considered as obtained in a legal way.

Information retrieved as you make a purchase of our services

You will be asked to give your details in case you wish to also make an order and ask for a text material to be delivered to you in addition to simply browsing our site. In this case, we shall retrieve the following details:

  • your email
  • Your telephone number
  • a copy of your national ID or your driver's license
  • restricted information on your credit card.
  • While placing your order, you might be asked to send us your driver’s license or your national identification card. These are required to authenticate your payment.


Cookies are the best ways to make any user experience the best while surfing any website. For this reason, we make use of cookies on our website as well. These are tiny files used to identify whoever uses our website. These cookies are sent to the device with which you have entered our page. Cookies keep your preferred selections as you browse our web pages and perform some functions like knowing when you signed in or sign out, etc.

Manner of communication and final provision

Manner of Communication. For any request you want to send us, your personal address will be asked by our customer support representatives. In case you want to stop receiving emails and notifications from us, please contact us with such a request.

Final Provisions

SSL certificate is used to process all the information in the inquiry and order pages as well as on your personal account. This is a safety procedure that assures complete confidentiality and guarantees the security of all transactions. We also make sure that there’s no disclosure of our customer’s information collected from our website to third-parties.