revision policy

Having had the expertise and gotten to the level of becoming the best essay writing company, we have a tendency to perceive that at some point in time we would need to do revisions for our customers’ work.

Our custom writing service educates our customers to read through our revision policy rigorously, so within the event that we have a tendency to square measure and conduct a revision, there'll be no misconception. We perceive that in some instances the client may provide additional data on the assignment when writers at already begin to write the custom essay, thesis, treatise, and analysis paper assignment. Thus, we have a tendency to emphasize on the requirement to scan rigorously our custom writing services revision policy.

It is a practice among the essay writing firms to perform free revisions to the satisfaction of the individuals that placed orders in as much as he or she is able to abide by the terms. We have a tendency to expect our customers to see the rules given below as for their benefits so as to avoid any extra charges in case they were faulty in placing orders.

Rules of revision

We expect our customers to elicit revision on the custom essays, treatise, research, and thesis at intervals amounting to seven days when we've delivered the finished assignment. Customers can also follow the specified procedure by custom writing service to ask for a revision. The client shall not incur an additional value on conditions that he or she doesn't alter or doesn't modify the instructions initially given for custom essays, dissertation, analysis papers, and thesis. Just in case of any alterations or modification of directions, the client shall incur an extra fee which will be determined by custom writing service customer support team. Different orders for custom essays, analysis papers, dissertation, and thesis have completely different demands, that successively convert to distinction in time spent once writing them.

Allocation of Revision Per Order

Clients will only be given at most three revision requests free. This can be solely suitable if all the conditions given by the industry are met.

A new order ought to be placed for requests that are far away from the above-mentioned provisions or if the three commendatory revisions have been exhausted. We advise clients to contact our customer service representatives through the company's email address along with their order number to elicit the revision needed. Free revisions are unsuitable for any client that already exhausted the given seven days.

Clients will be given fourteen days to approve the revised document. Approval time starts upon completion of the most recent document sent to our company via email, but once the 14-days period has ended, the system will tag it as approved by default.